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Routing API
-Get precise times and distances for your fleet

Get exact times and distances for vehicles and people

Routing API makes it easy to calculate a route between two or more waypoints for cars, trucks, bicycles, walking, and transit. Output of our API would be a route object with route geometry in GeoJSON format.

Results Include :

  • Route directions (or turn-by-turn instructions)
  • Exact travel time and distance between locations
  • Route details including elevation profiles, road properties and restrictions.

Our API provides you all the relevant information you need to plan trips for vehicles.

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Route Matrix API
-Get precise travel times and distances for up to 1000 target locations in one go

Solve logistics and route optimization issues for your team or your customers with our Route Matrix API :

  • Use Route Matrix API works as input for route optimization or analytics.
  • Our Routing Matrix API returns the distance and travel times between each pair of provided sources and targets.
  • Get results optimised for different travel modes including driving, trucking, cycling and walking.

Our API is an ideal starting point. Use it to create an optimal travel planning experience for your customers.

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Map Matching API
-Snap your GPS data to road networks and get detailed route analysis using our Map Matching API

Map Matching API processes raw GPS data and aligns it with a road network, considering factors such as the direction of travel, road speed limits, and other contextual information.

Furthermore, the Map Matching API provides detailed information about the route, including road class, surface type, speed limit, number of lanes, and estimated drive time.

The Map Matching API can be useful in a variety of applications, such as fleet management, logistics, transportation, and location-based services. By aligning raw GPS data with road networks and providing detailed information about the route, the API enables more accurate and efficient route planning, improved safety, and enhanced navigation experiences.

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Route Planner API
-Solves your complex route optimization headaches
  • Our Route Planner API is powerful and flexible enough to solve your vehicle routing and schedule optimization problems.
  • Use our API to create routing, logistics, and delivery solutions for your business. Or use it to build a platform for your customers.
  • Get started with free route optimization!

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